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Virginia Education Coalition, LLC, (VEC) is an alliance of conservative grass roots activists and organizations. VEC supports educational reform, better cost efficiencies, more effective educational delivery, and better student performance, but it does not do so at the expense of nationalizing our educational system and ceding individual rights and States’ rights to a centralized government.

Instead, VEC believes that educational reform is best achieved through parent-led school choice; transparent, open dialogue between educational stakeholders; and promoting policies that provide individuals with maximum freedom and maximum responsibility.

Reforming Education

Winning back America’s FutureTM starts with parent-led educational reform. VEC works with citizens and their local- and state-elected representatives to identify and enact legislation that prevents the federal government’s usurpation of the state and local government’s role in: (1) curriculum development, (2) public use of individual student data, and (3) enactment of laws that protect family educational rights and privacy. VEC promotes market-based educational reform, such as the Educational Tax Credit and Education Savings Accounts, which encourage competition between educational providers and provides parents with affordable, high-quality educational choices.

Equipping Leaders

VEC provides both volunteer and leadership training. Volunteers can participate in field training. Those interested in leadership are provided with skills training in: communications, training, legislative process , and organizing.

Empowering Action

VEC volunteers and leaders are teamed with mentors to practice the skills they have acquired. This includes assignment to projects; advocating at the local, state, and federal elected levels; and reading and screening legislation during the annual Virginia General Assembly. Volunteers are provided with opportunities to attend special events such as general assembly sessions in Richmond, Congressional sessions in Washington, receptions, and special events.

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